Launch your IoT solution the Hubble99 Way

in 4 Simple Steps

Choose your IoT module

Choose eSIM integrated Cavli module of your choice

Engineer your solution

Integrate the Cavli module into your IoT product/device

Activate subscription plan

Choose the LTE/LPWAN network and subscribe to the Hubble99 annual plan.

Get connected

Ship out your IoT solution - turn on the device - get connected.

Choosing the eSIM integrated Smart module

All Cavli’s Smart modules are eSIM integrated and packed with global connectivity, allowing you to power your IoT solutions or products with ease and assurance of uninterrupted connectivity. Choose your preferred Smart module that caters to your IoT application.

Combining your IoT solution with Cavli’s product suite

Integrate Cavli modules into your Smart IoT product/device. This helps establish the link between Cavli Hubble Connectivity management platform and your Smart device management application platform.

Subscribing to Hubble99 plan

Once you are integrated into Cavli’s product suite, subscribe to the Hubble99 plan by choosing your country and network type.

Get Connected

Your IoT solution, when switched on, automatically establishes connection to the preferred network partner in the region of deployment through the integrated Hubble eSIM.

Ready to enable 'SMART' Connectivity on your IoT devices ?

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